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About Us

We are  Ana and Carlos, a Portuguese couple in our 30's that moved from a big city to a small village near the beach, so we could live a less stressful life. We love freedom, nature,  meeting new people, making friends, learning about other cultures and  travelling in a camper van!

It all started back in 2014, when we decided to take our Opel Combo on our vacations. Two pillows, a duvet as mattress and a blanket, a backpack with a few clothes and off we went for  a little adventure. Those where four amazing days, so we decided that we  had to do it again but with a few improvements like a kitchen, fridge (cold beverages are a must), toilet, shower and a bigger van because we were getting "Abby" our  Rottweiler. So we took it to the next level and got ourselves a VW van! After building "Vanessa" as we planned, during the Spring of 2015 on our spare time , we got her ready. We went on a 25 day roadtrip travelling through  Portugal, Spain, France and Italy with no schedules, no defined path, no worries, we just went driving by the coast and we had the time of our lives! Gathered a lot of good memories, had a lot of fun and met many people along the way that were doing the same thing, same spirit, same vibe. So why shouldn't we share it with you?

In the Spring of 2016, we posted "Vanessa" on an ad, she was a success! Every single couple who took her for an adventure, loved her and came back with a big smile on their face, saying that it was  amazing to have that kind of freedom getting to know Portugal! We felt so good! We were making new friends, providing them great adventures, good times and amazing memories! We had to share the dream of  travelling with  a camper van with more people! So "Catarina" was born. She went on roadtrips like her "sister" and got the same feedback! Every single one of  our guests loved the experience, some even kissed her goodbye when they had to go back and leave her behind!

A few months later, we decided we had to get another van...the "girls" were too busy enjoying Portugal with our guests and as our own holidays were ahead, we didn't had a van for our roadtrip! "Quinby" is then added to the "family" and was our travel companion in 2016. In one of our escapades, we came across "Blueberry". We saw a lot of potential in her and we had to bring her home with us. She was our biggest project so far, during the build we fell in love with this one, making her our own personal camper van!

We were enjoying so much what we've been doing at that point, that we decided we needed to quit our "daily jobs"

and do only what we loved - fixing, building and renting our beloved VW Campers. A few months later, we were already in 2017 and that's when we found "Jenny"; brought her home but we didn't had enough spare time to build her.  We know that life is too short to be wasted living with the fear of what happens tomorrow, so it happened, we did quit our jobs! Now we could dedicate  all   of our time to the Wild Spirit Campers!

In the Summer of 2017 we became aware of an unexpected  dog litter in need for help. We thought that  "Abby"  would enjoy the company of a little sister and that's how we got "Maya" the boxer. Now everywhere we go they both come along enjoying Vanlife and making their own   roadtrip memories.

It was on the Fall of 2017 when we found Phedra. After all the restoration and tests we started with the build project. In the Spring of 2018 she was reborn as a campervan.

Few  weeks had passed after Phedra's rebirth and we found Iggy, our latest project. After the usual restoration and building, she was ready for her new life as a campervan and is now ready for your roadtrip adventures too.

We don't consider ourselfves a Rental Company, and we don't intent to be. We consider ourselves Hosts who try to provide our guests the best experience possible in a camper van. So if you are looking for a roadtrip adventure and you like  simple and uncomplicated terms without hidden costs, it seems you are at the right place!

Love from Portugal!

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